JohnJohn has been creating meaningful jewelry since 1970. He started out, under the guidance of his friend, Frank Geminden, making spoon rings at rock concerts and craft shows. He spent a few summers creating spoon jewelry in the Mt Adams section of Cincinnati, Ohio. During this time, they met another jewelry maker, Del Schuller, who created jewelry from coins which he flatted out in a coin mill. Del showed them how to drill and cut the metal to create meaningful designs. After moving to Delaware in 1972, John learned how to create Champleve enamels from Douglass Veirity, who was an australian creating exquisite cloisonné enamels. He worked at a craft workshop in Chads Ford, PA perfecting his Champleve enameling technique.

Since that time, John has received several awards for his work that have been sold in many craft shows as well as displayed on Madison Ave in New York City. His work is becoming more unique because the skill in using a jeweler's saw seems to be disappearing in the craft world. In total, John brings over 41 years of craftsmanship experience to his jewelry making. He continues to build on his expertise by creatively integrating leather and crystal beads with his pierce work. He makes all his jewelry in his home in Berlin, MA. and welcomes customized requests from customers and friends